11 Sep 2011

Bad Touch EP Launch!!!

So, Friday night was Bad Touch's epic EP lauch party extravaganza etc, etc... and yes, it was indeed quite epic! Martha started out the night already tipsy, George had a smurf mascot on his drumkit, Seeks hair once again defied gravity with its volume, Steve looked quite the gentleman in his top hat and velvet jacket, and you just know it's gonna be a good night when the first act of the night starts stripping...
Benny opened up with some sing-a-long esque covers, after attempting to show everyone his new songs - due to lap top related problems, he went straight with the covers. From what I heard though, I'd quite like to hear more of his music... Up next came Blind Tiger, a storm of a band, who definately hooked the crowd and rocked them up ready for a good dose of Bad Touch.

Bad Touch opened with the awesome Waters Edge, which personally, I think is one of their best songs. It's one of those sing along tunes that after the first chorus you should be able to have the grasp of, and with a cool little breakdown in the middle where you can clap your hands to your hearts content, it really hits the rock spot... ye, as you can see, I have no idea how to review music. I'm more used to writing descriptions for my stories, and somehow i dont think that I can really say that Bad Touch's music 'tears through your rib cage, rips out your heart, and stamps rock and roll on its still beating flesh in permanent ink, so that even after you've left, you can't rid yourself of their infectious songs'... actually, I like that :P
My 'highlight of the evening' was the new breakdown section they had added to Lock 'N' Load, and leading the way was Robs funky guitar grooves. Looking around me, I remember thinking people wern't dancing as much as before, cause they were just listening to this new addition to the song and thinking 'my gosh, this is a bit different, but hell, it's jolly good!'
Anyway, after a brilliant display of musicianship and showcasing their bestest songs in an explosive set, it drew to a close with the latest eddition to their catalogue of songs, Down. I would call this song 'anthemic' - it's long, the chorus is easy to pick up, and it has little squiggly guitar soloey bits that really make you want to join in with your air guitar! EPICNESS!
Let's remember what the night was all about though - their Born To Please EP launch! It's now out on iTunes and available to buy from the band, and there are really nice new t-shirts and vests you can get from them too, so you will have to come to another gig some time and get yourself one - my mission for the next gig - get a picture of someone wearing one to post on here - it could be you :P
To close this very first of additions to my blog, I'm going to leave you with the link for the very first single from the EP, for which they made an awesome video - enjoy it, comment, and pass it on to all your friends!


  1. Hi Amy --- Great start to your blog - looking forward to your next entry

  2. Squiggly guitar soloey bits Haha brilliant! This is fantastic! Baby wait for the next one!
    Thea x

  3. you capture the atmosphere so well. Looking forward to your take on the next outing!