14 Sep 2011

Bad Touch On BBC Radio Norfolk

So, Bad Touch had their second interview on Radio Norfolk this afternoon, and I thought it was fab. I'm so glad that they played Time Rolls On - As they said themselves it's never been played on the radio before, which is a shame as it's a truly great love song. My stepbrothers girlfriend Pheobe who was listening with me at the time commented that she really liked it and it was probably her favourite off of the EP. It feels like a classic whenever I hear it... I just wish more people could hear it too... As they said, it's the type of song you can picture a stadium full of lighters being waved to and thro through... *sigh*
Anyway, my 'highlight of the...afternoon' was when George was asked something along the lines of how long he'd been drumming and he replied that he'd been 'tapping things since i remember'... He felt a little bit embarrassed after realising what some people may have taken that as :P
Oh well, we all need a radio interview every now and then to learn what SHOULDN'T be said out loud :P
This Saturday, they're playing at The Royal Oak in Ipswich, so if you're near or can get there, you should definately go! GO GO GO!
Til next time...

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  1. Nice one
    Will you be at the Brickmakers next Wednesday for the acoustic night ?